HONOLULU (KHON2) — It was a wet start to the new year, with thunderstorms for most of the first few days in 2022. The Department of Transportation crews are still working on fixing potholes from last year.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation Deputy Director of Highways Ed Sniffen said the shipment of the mixture to fill potholes faced delays.

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“We’re still recovering from the previous storm in December,” Sniffen said. “We’re using up the mix, we put in orders quite a while ago, But because of the supply chain supply chain issues that came from COVID, the material is not readily available anymore.”

Sniffen said the pothole mixture gets sent to whichever island needs it, and an order for more just arrived over the weekend.

The materials arrived right as more calls about potholes come in. The DOT has gotten more than 60 calls on Oahu alone, while the city received about 50 calls for service.

Sniffen said, “Reports are unstable for the rest of this week, so we’re hoping fingers crossed, that the weather stays dry like this, allows the road to stay dry-out so we can fix them as quickly as possible. “

The stormy weekend also caused minor problems for farmers. John Augustine is the owner of Augustine Family Farm near Kailua.

“It’s just mainly a muddy mess right now,” Augustine said. “Even though we built raised beds, there, everything is just swamped and really from like the wind also in massive amounts of rain. It’s really just knocked over.”

Over in Waimanalo, Ma Farm owner Bruce Campbell said they were mainly impacted by the strong winds.

Campbell said, “I was more concerned about the wind than the rain for our particular farm, and that is because we have young crops that could be affected by winds that strong.”

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Both farmers said the flooding of their crops could have been much worse, and they hope for better conditions later this week.