Oahu may get a race track. It’s something the island hasn’t had for more than a decade.

Local motor-sports enthusiasts turned out in force at the Kapolei Neighborhood Board meeting tonight to voice their support.

There is no solid proposal at the moment.

Michael Ferreira, secretary of the Kapolei Neighborhood Board, says, “There are two areas and two groups advocating for it and one is out in the Ewa Field area, which is down toward the end of Barbers Point, and the other one is out in Campbell Industrial Park.”

Campbell Industrial Park is where Hawaii Raceway Park used to be, years ago.

Douglas Phillips of Mililani is one of many who remember going there in younger years.

“We don’t have no place to go now. And we get all these younger kids racing on the freeways, accidents, you know. this is island is so populated and all the other islands have a track. Even Kauai has a track.”

We asked James Rosado of Makakilo if he has a preference for where any track should be built.

“Right now, really, no. I just like one racetrack. I don’t really care where they put ’em. I just tired hearing the talk about it. I like see some action already it’s just been so long. it’s time for action.”

John Petriches says he doesn’t want a racetrack anywhere near his Royal Kunia neighborhood.

“Racing, speeding, loud noise, they burn their tires, a lot of smoke comes up from the burning of the tires and it drifts through the neighborhood, it drifts through the homes. The other day someone burned their tires outside my house, and that smoke went through the house for at least 15 minutes.”

However — he does feel there should be a track somewhere, to get racers off the roads — a viewpoint he shares with racetrack supporters.

The neighborhood board — and the City — will continue to consider the options. We will track the progress.