HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some parents say they’re frustrated and concerned over recent vandalism at city parks.

Parents also wonder why repairs can’t happen sooner. One Kaneohe resident said, “it’s really disheartening since we do travel to come to places like this.”

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The Department of Parks and Recreation spoke about how often our parks are damaged.

“Vandalism unfortunately is a regular occurrence in our park facilities we deal with it on almost a daily basis at our 306 park locations across the island,” said Nathan Serota, Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation spokesman.

Serota also addressed how quickly repairs are made saying “we do our best to try and address them as quickly as possible, but we are subject to some of the issues with the supply chain. If the replacement parts aren’t here on island, then we have to wait for them to be imported in.”

They said some parts can take months to come in.

One of the things were trying to implement is having at least signage on the facility to provide updates.

Nathan Serota

When asked if there is some way the community can see if the vandalism has already been reported and is being worked on, he said the best way to report damage is through the Honolulu 311 website.

“They can submit picture,” said Serota. “They can geo tag a location where the damage is seen, and they can provide just all kinds of information including a contact for us to reach back out to them where we can provide those updates on when those repairs are scheduled to happen.”

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The city said it has spent more than $339,000 on in-house repairs to vandalism in the past year.