HONOLULU(KHON2) — Community leaders and lawmakers are pushing for immediate action after more disturbing discoveries at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery.

Dozens of broken headstones and a three foot high pile of dirt and rubble is all that’s left of the burnt homeless encampment that once sat in the corner of Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery.

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“It makes no sense to desecrate them that bad,” said Larry Veray, chair of the Pearl City neighborhood board, pointing at the broken pieces. “All this came from right in there, all that flooring in there that’s where you had the flooring for the encampment.”

He estimates more than two dozen headstones were used as the floor of the camp.

“You can see where they tore off the brass plate that was on the front and probably took that to salvage for money. Another sad situation,” he said pointing at a bare, broken black marble headstone leaning against a fence.

KHON: “So how then can you find out where that actually goes?”

“We can’t,” Veray said.

Over the bridge walkway of the cemetery more damage: mausoleums with broken doors and windows, rubbish left in piles.

Veray quietly pointed out a male still asleep inside one of the mausoleums.

“You can see there’s a gentleman laying down in this one,” said Veray.

With the damage and desecration of the graves, Veray said he is pushing lawmakers to make an exception to give his non-profit, the Friends for Sunset Memorial Cemetery, the authority to legally oversee the cemetery. That would also allow them to trespass any homeless on the property.

But according to Rep. Gregg Takayama, it’s not that simple.

“It always comes down to having someone assert responsibility for the property,” Takayama explained.

The property has been in limbo since the owners died years ago.

That’s why Veray created the Friends for Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery.

Takayama said they are also seeking an emergency proclamation through the court.

“The leaders of the community met with Governor (David) Ige days ago, and he’s instructed the Attorney General to help us obtain a court order to try and alleviate the health and safety conditions there,” Takayama said.

KHON reached out to the AG’s office. They declined to comment.

A spokesperson for the Governor said that he “doesn’t disclose publicly what is discussed in private meetings.”

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The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) created a website to gather information from those who have family buried at Sunset Memorial Park or who purchased plots since all the records for the cemetery were destroyed in a fire.