‘Pumbaa’ is back: the Honolulu Zoo re-opens its warthog exhibit

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Just in time for the opening weekend of Disney’s remake of the 1994 classic, “The Lion King,” which features the adorable warthog character Pumbaa, the Honolulu Zoo is happy to announce the re-opening of its warthog exhibit.

Lenny, age 10, and Pua, age 11, came to the Honolulu Zoo in 2009. Both are on display in the Honolulu Zoo’s African Savana near the hippo exhibit.

“Parents and children can often be heard exclaiming ‘Pumbaa!’ while passing through the warthog exhibit, and the reopening of this improved space promises to attract a bunch of curious keiki who have become familiar with the character in the iconic movie,” said Honolulu Zoo Director Linda Santos. “There’s nothing quite like watching the excitement in a child’s face when they see a warthog in person, and we hope the lesson of conservation learned at the zoo will stick with them well into adulthood.” 

Warthogs, a wild member of the pig family, are noted for two pairs of tusks curving upward and protruding from the mouth. These tusks are used for combat and defense. Warthogs have manes which run down their spines and are sparsely covered with hair. Females can weigh up to 165 pounds and males up to 330 pounds. They are omnivores and their diet varies according to season and availability, which includes grasses, roots, insects, bark and fruit. Although they can dig burrows, warthogs commonly occupy the abandoned burros of aardvarks and other animals in the wild.

Warthogs are found in southern African and are not listed as endangered, however they are susceptible to drought and hunting, as well as predators including lions, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, wild dogs and hyenas.

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