HONOLULU (KHON2) — The public had a chance to weigh on Monday evening on the latest flood-mitigation plans for the Ala Wai.

It’s been in development for years and the next round of studies is underway.

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The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the City are trying to find ways to reduce physical and economic damage due to flooding.

They also want to use the Ala Wai watershed to enhance life safety and community resilience.

The City said they are making efforts for community members to get involved to ensure the success of the Ala Wai FRM GR Study as it enters its next critical phase.

So a virtual public meeting was held on Monday, April 24 for the City to explain the prospective plan, answer questions and hear what community members had to say.

Why is the Army Corps still stuck on a wall? Seven neighborhood boards passed resolutions, they were against upstream detention basins and they were against high walls around the Ala Wai, and now you’ve got higher walls around the Ala Wai…”

Dave Watase, resident

“It’s not that we’re putting walls up and allowing it to become a bathtub and fill up, there are those draining systems all around,” replied Eric Merriam, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“If we had a wall on mauka side and not the makai side, we would essentially be pushing water out to the Waikiki area bc you’re essentially preventing water from coming out from one side and that’s gotta go somewhere so you have to have walls on both sides providing equal protection,” explained Merriam.

The City said a Notice of Availability of the Draft Report will be published in the Federal Register in late May. This will then initiate an additional comment period on the specific aspects of the Tentatively Selected Plan. 

View the following resources already posted here:

  • Click here for Notice of Intent in the Federal Register and Comment Period Extension in the Federal Register
  • Click here for HEPA EIS Public Notice in The Environmental Notice

In-person and virtual workshops to discuss the TSP will happen in June.

Comments can be submitted through May 8 for a re-evaluation study and supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.

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The final report is expected to be completed by late 2023 or early 2024 and the public will have another chance to provide feedback on the final recommendation by USACE.