Public school graduations kick off this evening

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Public schools started their graduation season today with 4 different schools across the state holding ceremonies. 

Here at Aloha Stadium, Campbell High School kicked off their ceremony at 5  this evening and just wrapped up their reception here in the parking lot. 

Other schools graduating tonight include Baldwin, University Lab School, and Kula Aupuni Niʻihau a Kahelelani Aloha. 

Now, if you’re looking to get a lei for your graduate…flower shops say the supply for some of more fragrant flowers like tuberose are lower than usual this year.

So rather than taking the risk of going to the shop and finding the shelves sold out…you might want to make your own…because here in Hawaii you can’t go to a graduation without giving a lei, right?

“Its about the love and the support and the gratitude and the dedication that you would give a lei, something that you made.”

“Its the best thing that anyone can ask for.”

If you are making your way to the stadium for your graduation, be aware that you are allowed to take most lei into the stadium. 

However, you are not allowed to bring in large-snack lei. 

The small candy lei are ok. 

Other things not allowed in the stadium include balloons, confetti, poles, and noise makers. 

And remember the bag restriction: you’re only allowed one small bag.

Now there will be graduations here all weekend, with Pearl City High School tomorrow night, and Mililani High School Sunday night. 

In terms of parking, there are lots of parking available for graduations, but be aware setup for the 50th State Fair is taking up a lot of stalls in the lower Halawa parking lot. 

Additional parking will be available at Salt Lake Elementary. 

Here is a list of all the 2019 DOE graduations:

AieaThursday, May 236 p.m.Aloha Stadium
AnuenueSaturday, May 2510 a.m.School Campus
BaldwinFriday, May 176 p.m.War Memorial Stadium
CampbellFriday, May 175 p.m.Aloha Stadium
CastleSaturday, May 255:30 p.m.School Stadium
Connections Saturday, May 254 p.m. Hilo Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium
FarringtonSaturday, May 254 p.m.School Gymnasium
Hakipu’u Learning Center Saturday, June 15:30 p.m., Doors open at 5 p.m.Windward Community College: Paliku Theatre
Halau Ku ManaSaturday, May 259 a.m.School Campus
HanaSaturday, May 253:30 p.m.School Campus
Hawaii Academy of Arts & ScienceFriday, May 244 p.m.Pahoa Regional Recreation Center, Covered Courts
Hawaii School for the Deaf and the BlindThursday, May 305:30 p.m.Campus Center Field
Hawaii Technology AcademyWednesday, May 226 p.m. Hawaii Convention Center
HiloFriday, May 24 6 p.m.Edith Kanakaole Stadium
Honoka’aSaturday, May 2510 a.m.Honoka’a Sports Complex
KahukuThursday, May 236 p.m.BYU Canyon Activity Center
KailuaSaturday, May 256 p.m.Kailua High Football Field
KaimukiSaturday, May 255 p.m.Waikiki Shell
KaiserFriday, May 246 p.m.School Stadium
KalaheoTuesday, May 286:30 p.m.Blaisdell Concert Hall 
KalaniTuesday, May 216:30 p.m.Stan Sheriff Center, UH Manoa
Kamaile AcademyThursday, May 235 p.m.School Campus
Kanu o ka ‘AinaFriday, May 3110 a.m.School Campus
Kapa’aFriday, May 246:30 p.m.Bryan Baptiste Sports Complex 
KapoleiFriday, May 246 p.m.Alvin Nagasako Sports Complex 
Ka‘uFriday, May 245 p.m.Ka’u District Gym
KauaiFriday, May 245:30 p.m.Vidinha Stadium
Kauai Community School for AdultsMonday, June 175 p.m.School Campus
KawaikiniFriday, May 2410 a.m. School Campus 
Ke Ana La’ahanaSunday, May 2610 a.m.Kawananakoa Hall
Ke Kula O EhunuikaimalinoFriday, May 2412 noonMinoru Inaba Baseball Field
Ke Kula o Samuel M. Kamakau Saturday, May 2512 p.m.School Campus
Kea’auFriday, May 244:30 p.m.School Stadium
KealakeheSaturday, June 16 p.m.Kealakehe High Football Field
Kihei Charter SchoolFriday, May 315 p.m. School Campus
King KekaulikeThursday, May 236 p.m.School Stadium
KohalaSaturday, May 252 p.m.Hisaoka Gymnasium
KonawaenaSaturday, May 259 a.m.Julian Yates Field
Kua O Ka LaFriday, May 249 a.m.Makuʻu Farmers Market
Kula Aupuni Niihau A Kahelelani AlohaFriday, May 1710 a.m. School Campus 
LahainalunaSunday, May 266:30 p.m.Sue D. Cooley Stadium
LanaiSaturday, May 252 p.m.School Gymnasium
LaupahoehoeFriday, May 246 p.m. School Campus 
Leilehua Friday, May 246 p.m. Hugh Yoshida Stadium 
MauiSaturday, May 184:30 p.m.War Memorial Stadium
Maui Community School for AdultsThursday, June 65 p.m.Baldwin High Auditorium
McKinleySunday, May 265 p.m.School Campus: A Building Oval & Front Lawn
Mililani Sunday, May 195 p.m. Aloha Stadium
MoanaluaFriday, May 245 p.m.School Stadium
MolokaiFriday, May 245 p.m.School Gymnasium
Myron B. Thompson Academy Friday, May 245:30 p.m.Hawaii Convention Center
NanakuliSaturday, May 255 p.m.School Stadium
PahoaSunday, May 265:30 p.m.Hilo Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium
Pearl CitySaturday, May 185 p.m.Aloha Stadium
RadfordFriday, May 246 p.m.Aloha Stadium
RooseveltThursday, May 236 p.m.Stan Sheriff Center, UH Manoa
University Lab SchoolFriday, May 175:30 p.m.Andrews Amphitheater at UH-Manoa
WaiakeaSaturday, May 256 p.m.Edith Kanakaole Stadium
WaialuaSaturday, May 185:30 p.m.Waialua High Football Field
Wai‘anae Friday, May 246 p.m. Raymond Torii Field
WaimeaFriday, May 246:30 p.m.School Campus
WaipahuThursday, May 236 p.m.Neal Blaisdell Arena
Waipahu Community School for AdultsSaturday, June 2910 a.m.Pearl City Cultural Center
West Hawaii Explorations AcademyFriday, May 246 p.m.School Campus

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