Public reminded to keep distance from sea turtles during nesting season in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Conservation agencies are asking the public to help protect sea turtles by keeping a respectful distance from them and their nests. 

In Hawaii, sea turtles typically lay their nest at night near or under coastal vegetation.

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Last year, 58 nests were documented on Oahu. Federal and state officials are gearing up for the upcoming summer nesting season, which typically lasts from mid-April through early September.   

“The unprecedented level of nesting activity last year took everyone by surprise,” said Dr. Sheldon Plentovich, USFWS coastal program coordinator, in a statement on Friday. “Since 2016 we have worked with community volunteers to locate and monitor sea turtle nests. Between 2016 and 2019 we never observed more than 10 nests on Oahu, so finding 58 in 2020 was very exciting for our team and the local community.”  

Remember, if you see a sea turtle on the beach or in the water:

Those interested in volunteering during this upcoming nesting season to help survey beaches for nesting activity may send an email to