Public meeting coming up on Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan

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The City and County of Honolulu is hoping taking pedestrian safety a step further by creating Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan. 

The Hawaii Bicycling League says they advocated for a pedestrian safety plan on Oahu for many years.

“Really there are I think challenges that need to be addressed throughout the island. So thats one of the great things about this plan – is that it’s island-wide in its focus,” said Daniel Alexander, Co-Executive Director of the Hawaii Bicycling League. “So, if you know there’s a pedestrian safety issue in Kaneohe, it should be able to identify that and include it for something to be done.”

The City is looking for public input on areas throughout Oahu that may need to be focused on for changes to pedestrian areas like sidewalks and crosswalks.

“This plan will really help, I think, with that complete streets effort in identifying, hey when we go in and re-pave this street, we should be really looking at improving the walkways or improving these specific crossing,” said Alexander.

Council member Kymberly Pine says there are some areas in her district that could benefit from this.

“In other parts, in Waianae, we have so much work to be done. We don’t even have sidewalks in many areas, especially Farrington Highway,” said Pine. “so hopefully this will give some ideas to the City that does have a lot of these other major roadways that need to be safer as well.”

She says one pedestrian safety measure that could be implemented at crosswalks  is putting up flashing lights, especially in areas on Fort Weaver Road.

“We need to have these hard discussions about what’s truly causing a lot of these deaths. Is it the pedestrian or the driver being more aggressive or impaired or is it how that city was built in that certain location?,” asked Pine.

The first meeting to discuss Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan will be held on April 24th. You can read the full details below.

Oahu Pedestrian Plan

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