Public input still open for “Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan”

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The City and County of Honolulu wants to improve pedestrian safety by creating “Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan” to update streets. It’s currently taking public feedback of pedestrian areas that need additional safety measures.

Many residents say there are a lot of changes to sidewalks and crosswalks they’d like to see.

“Get rid of the automatic turn of red lights, left and right. Both of them. A lot of pedestrians get caught in that because the drivers aren’t paying attention. The pedestrians have the right of way but the drivers will still turn,” said Dolores Mollring, a Chinatown resident.

The City says so far they’ve received over 600 responses online to find out which areas to focus on.

“Tonight is to show the community what we’ve done in our research, what we think the possible improvements are, and then to get their feedback on those priority focus areas and what kind of improvements they’d like to see,” said Chris Clark, City Department of Transportation Services chief planner.

Clark says they’ve done a study on all Oahu sidewalks and found that there’s about 790 miles of roadway that don’t have sidewalks. He says to install all these sidewalks would cost over a billion dollars, so the City and County of Honolulu is picking areas to focus on around Oahu.

“Its really a data driven approach,” said Clark. “We’re looking at where schools are, where our lower income minority concentration communities are, places where there’s low car ownership or heavy bus usage. Those are places where its priority to make pedestrian improvements first.” 

He says they’re considering all ideas for improvements.

“It’s all the way from adding a sidewalk to widening a sidewalk to the ways they would cross the street if it’s at a signal or if it’s at a controlled crossing… their improvements associated with that,” said Clark.

He says they will make a draft of the plan some time this summer. He says they hope to finalize “Oahu’s First Pedestrian Plan,” by the end of this year. 

To find out more about the plan, you can visit this website.

To submit feedback about pedestrian areas you would like to see change, you can visit this interactive website.

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