Prosecutors in the corruption trial of the Kealohas and several police officers say the jury needs to hear expert testimony on cellular records. 

They say, those records pinpoint where Derek Hahn was before and after the Kealoha’s mailbox allegedly got stolen. 

Prosecutors contend Kealoha’s uncle Gerard Puana was framed as the thief. 

Hahn’s attorneys are trying to block expert testimony, but federal prosecutors say they can prove — by mapping Hahn’s movements through cellular tower pinpoints — that Hahn was near Puana’s home the night before the mailbox was taken. 

They also say he was near the Kealoha’s home just before Katherine called police to claim the mailbox was stolen. 

They say Hahn’s whereabouts also coincide with being at the Kealoha home the same morning another officer — Bobby Nguyen — allegedly removed the Kealoha’s video surveillance hard drive prior to any formal police report having been filed.