HONOLULU (KHON2) — Experts said installing a camera surveillance system can help improve security of your home or business. But is it worth it to do it yourself? Or should you get it professionally installed.

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Thinking of adding camera surveillance to your home?

Security Consultant Ed Howard said they can provide peace of mind and are an easy way to safeguard your house.

“Security cameras are an excellent option and should really be part of hardening your residence security wise,” Howard explained.

If anything happens, they provide visual proof capturing bag guys in the act.

“You can have a doorbell ring camera that will catch crime scenes. Or will place people at crime scenes. Vehicles place people that have committed crimes at the scenes and at the areas.”

Installing a surveillance system doesn’t need to break the ban. Howard said technology has improved such that many over the counter cameras work very well.

“They make really good products,” he said. “Nowadays everybody knows about Ring cameras. They’re good for the money that you pay and if you have the ability to install directions are usually pretty simple.”

He said the biggest differences between doing it yourself and hiring someone are: the cost, installation and monitoring.

Many do it yourself surveillance cameras are motion activated. And will send a notification to your cell phone or an app when someone or something sets it off.

If you set it up yourself, Howard said it’s important to have a plan if something happens–like calling 911.

“If you go with more commercial systems, they are doing all the work for you from the installation to even the monitoring,” he said. “If that’s an option that you choose, so it’s really the preference of the individual.”

Howard suggests doing some research.

“There’s a lot of good solutions and technology out there. Both whether it’s online, out of the box and in your businesses,” said Howard. “Your commercial businesses that specialize in security systems and solutions. So you really need to do your homework.”

Whatever you do he said it’s best not to wait.

“Unfortunately most people don’t really start looking until something has happened already,” said Howard.

By then it’s too late.

At the end of the day it’s all about safety and security.

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Howard said police have a checklist where video surveillance footage is always something they look at during investigations.