Proposal advancing to form dedicated group to oversee traffic, ease congestion in Waikiki

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A new proposal in the works could help to ease some traffic issues in Waikiki.

The streets of Waikiki are always busy with cars, tour buses, and delivery trucks.

In June, we told you about a plan aimed at alleviating parking and traffic woes like those caused by large delivery trucks and trolleys impacting other drivers.

The proposal is advancing to its third and final reading.

“About 100-thousand people [are] in Waikiki on a daily basis. Events, wow. Parades, wow. Parking, big problem,” Waikiki Neighborhood Board vice chair Walter Flood said.

So what can be done about it?

That’s where the Waikiki Transportation Management Association would come into play.

The group will be made up of property owners, transportation companies, residents, and city officials — all coming together to find ways to ease the traffic headache.

Changes to loading zones would be the first priority.

“Sometimes they are doubled park on the street and so those become traffic obstructions,” Rick Egged, Waikiki Improvement Association, said. “We want to schedule the busiest loading and unloading areas just like you would a loading dock. We want to schedule people in and out of them so that the companies know that there will be a spot for them.”

With increased parking meter rates and extended hours, community leaders are also looking into creating parking permits for Waikiki residents.

“We want to work with the city with the idea of creating a flexible pricing so that maybe [a higher] price applies during peak hours,” Egged said.

These are ideas the Waikiki Neighborhood Board supports.

“It’s a good start for business and residents to have some control over parking,” Flood said. “So I think big picture is more people will have a better chance to come to Waikiki and enjoy our shows or venues or residents and events and that will be better for the whole community.”

The final vote for this measure will mostl likely be made next month.

If it passes, officials hope to start traffic management early next year.

For more information, click here to see the bill.

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