HONOLULU (KHON2) — The voters decided it will be Lt. Gov. Josh Green and former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona going head to head this November for the governor’s seat, and now with a less crowded field of candidates, it is a full-on sprint for the general election.

It is the tale of two number twos going for the top job, current Lt. Gov. Green will be going against Aiona who served under former Gov. Linda Lingle. 

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“There are incredible ideological differences between my team and the republican nominee,” Green said.

Green continued, “They are good people but we have a very different belief system and we’re going to provide care and leadership for the state of Hawaii going forward if we’re chosen.”

Green joined his fellow democrats at a unity breakfast following his primary win. The breakfast is a tradition where both winning and losing candidates demonstrate their support for each other. 

Meanwhile, Aiona joined the republican unity lunch. The Hawaii Republican Party Chair Lynn Finnegan said the November election will be about expanding the party and reaching out to those who may not have voted republican in the primary. 

Finnegan said, “Convince even the other side, where we have you know Vicky Cayetano’s group that are what I would think business supporters and fiscally responsible folks and we want to bring them over, too.”

In the race for lieutenant governor, Seaula Jr. Tupai will team up with Aiona for the republican ticket. 

Tupai said, “He was actually extremely helpful at the onset of our campaign. We actually met with him and he gave us a lot of good advice, a lot of his ‘manao ike’ that he had moving into this.”

On the side of the democrats, Sen. Sylvia Luke will be campaigning alongside her former colleague in the legislature. 

Luke said, “I worked with Lt. Gov. Green when he was in the House and when he was also in the Senate, I am looking forward to re-engaging with him working together to work on many of the issues, I am very excited about our team.”

Now with the top candidates decided, the real work begins for their campaigns. Congressman Ed Case said candidates should focus on reaching as many voters with their message, and getting those who sat out Saturday’s election to show up in November. 

Case said, “Don’t just assume that the old ways are going to work, go out there and ask yourself what do people want, what do all the people want and keep the tent open that’s what we have to do and I think if we do that we will be successful.”

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The general elections are on Tuesday, November 8.