Pricey plans in place to fix leaky issues at Honolulu airport

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Visitors to Hawaii often expect a warm welcome when they arrive. That didn’t happen in February when a leaky roof at the overseas terminal of Honolulu airport drenched tourists and their luggage during a rain storm.

Airport workers say it’s a problem that’s gone on for years.

KHON2 learned about a multimillion dollar fix.

Back in February when the rain came at Honolulu international Airport, so did the leaks. Travelers all throughout the overseas terminal were looking for shelter and being met with water falling from the ceiling.

Tim Sakahara says State Department of Transportation is working to fix the problem, “There have been issues with leaks in the past and unfortunately that’s no secret and we want that to stop. We want to plug those leaks, repair the roof, and replace the roof.”

The project that is now out to bid will fix the leaks in the roof, and in the outdoor covered waiting areas of the international terminal. Sakahara says decades old drainage systems will also be replaced. “It will replace all the drainage elements associated with that so there will be new piping, new downspouts, and new drains.”

The project is out to bid for an estimated cost of $10 million, and according to the state should be completed by 2019. But for now, when it does rain, crews will continue to have their hands full, “Crews have been doing a good job to go through and make sure the existing drainage and gutters and things like that are free of any debris or vegetation that might be growing out of them.”

This is just part of the work that’s currently going on at the airport. There is also an ongoing modernization project, and there is also an upcoming repaving project planned.

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