President Obama addresses anti-terror strategy in final press conference of year

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(CNN) — President Obama faced questions about the administration’s anti-terror strategy in his last press conference of year Friday in Washington before traveling to California to meet with the families of the San Bernardino attacks and then to Hawaii for the family’s annual year-end vacation.

The president addressed reporters for what will likely be the last time in 2015.

The main focus of the press conference was an issue that’s on the minds of many Americans — keeping the country safe from terrorism.

“Our counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement communities are working 24-7 to protect our homeland and all of us can do our part by staying vigilant,” the president said.

A recent poll showed that 60 percent of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling terrorism.

On Friday, the commander-in-chief tried to make the case that his administration is doing everything it can to defeat ISIS at home and abroad. “We are continuing to work at every level to make sure there’s no slip between information sharing among agencies.”

He also touted recent strides in the U.S. economy and said the country as a whole is on the right track. “Our early actions to rescue the economy set the stage for the longest streak of private sector job growth on record,” the president said.

And with less than seven weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, President Obama was asked to weigh in on the 2016 election.

“I think we will have a strong Democratic nominee. I think that Democratic nominee will win. I think I will have a Democratic successor.”

Following the press conference, the president boarded Air Force One to head to San Bernardino to meet with the family members of the victims of the December 2nd terrorist attack.

The president’s meeting is expected to be brief. Afterwards, he and his family will takeoff for Hawaii for their annual holiday vacation.

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