Preparing for Wildfire Season

Local News

Officials are warning the public not to be fooled by last week’s record-setting rainfall. They say all that moisture could be fuel for wildfires.

Experts from DLNR, UH and NOAA kicked off the 4th Annual Wildfire and Drought Lookout Campaign today.

They say Hawaii, like other Western states, no longer has a summer wildfire season but is at risk year-round.

Derek Wroe, NOAA Meteorologist said, “It’s important to note that right now even though you may see some easing in some areas we’re heading into the hottest and driest portions of the year that we typically see and because of that we could see some worsening of drought conditions in some areas and there will be impacts on fire starts and the way the fire spreads due to those conditions.”

Officials say the public can reduce wildfire risks by keeping grass short, removing dead branches and trees, and clearing gutters of debris.

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