MAYFIELD, Ky. (KHON2) — On Friday, Dec. 10, a tornado hit parts of several states, and on Saturday, Dec. 11, officials reported the death toll may be upwards of 70 people.

Honolulu City Councilmember Augie Tulba, also known as Augie T, was in Kentucky during the tornado. He drove to the town of Mayfield, Kentucky — the hardest-hit town — to see the damage.

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Tulba showed the damage the tornado had in Mayfield in a video that he sent to KHON2.

“The entire area is just devastated.. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Prayers to all the people living here, and we hope full speed recovery.”

Honolulu Councilmember Augie Tulba

The tornado hit just miles from where Tulba was visiting family in Kentucky. Fortunately, he and his family are OK, but Tulba said hearing the sirens, rain and seeing the aftermath was a scary experience.

“I started hearing sirens because my father-in-law has a big one in his house because last year the tornado came through his home. It just ripped out trees. So, it was scary hearing the rain, hearing the wind, then waking up to see the devastation just miles away from where I am at,” explained Tulba.

He is thankful his family was safe.

“I woke up this morning a lot more thankful, a lot more grateful and then just happy that my family is safe right now,” Tulba added.

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When he went to Mayfield, Tulba also dropped off goods to residents of the town.