Powerful winds, downed trees in Waikiki

Local News

The wind has been causing havoc in Waikiki—from toppling huge trees and blowing down branches, to pushing sand all the way to the Honolulu Zoo.

The winds were relentless sending an old, huge kiawe tree to the ground at Kapiolani Park—nearly missing cars and people.

“This is just crazy, I came out to move my car because at 10 a.m. they start ticketing the cars if you don’t feed the meter, and I came out and moved my car to my parking place over here and I was walking under this beautiful tree and an hour later I came out and it had fallen down,” said Waikiki resident Don Machado. 

An hour after that, another massive kiawe tree across the street falling too. 

KHON2 was there to witness it fall. 

Across Waikiki, people were forced to hold on to poles due to the strong winds.

Another tree off Kuhio Ave fell this afternoon injuring one woman.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell saying the city is ready to assist.

“It’s all hands on deck, we really want to make sure people stay vigilant,” Mayor Caldwell said. 

Emergency Management acting director Hirokazu Toiya saying the city activated the emergency operations center at 4 a.m. Sunday. 

Many people did listen to lifeguards and ocean safety’s warnings about going anywhere near the beach Sunday, however, there were some people in the water at Queen’s Beach, but lifeguards watched them carefully. 

And although it was a rare sight, all the beaches in Waikiki were empty today. 

Safety personnel are still urging people to use caution and be alert of flying debris. 

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