HONOLULU (KHON2) — Those who visit Bishop Museum typically see exhibits of history that bring old Hawaii to the present.

But a new exhibit will open starting Saturday, May 15.

Its by POW! WOW! The First Decade From Hawai’i to the World Presented by Hawaiian Airlines.

KHON2 met with the founder of POW! WOW! Hawaii, Jasper Wong, to find out more about this full-scale exhibit of POW! WOW!

Wong spoke of the last decade of work that POW! WOW! has done.

“Well, when we first started, we did one mural in Kaka’ako,” said Wong. “And over the years, we started doing 100 murals in a week, and now we’ve expanded to about 20 studios around the world. So its been really like a world wide mission to paint as many walls as possible. But also to engage with the community, to beautify neighborhoods, and to also provide a platform for artists to showcase their work, not just in public spaces, but also within galleries and within this museum.”

Now Wong will see the first POW! WOW! exhibit, 10 years since its beginning.

KHON2 asked Wong what it means to him.

“Well, this is the first, I would say, exhibition of its kind, of this genre, street art and graffiti in Hawai’i,” said Wong. “Like, no ones done a museum exhibition of this genre here. So its a huge deal for us, especially with it being at, essentially, a natural history museum. And the museum recognizes that this type of work is a part of Hawai’i’s history and its people.”

What can people expect when they come down to see the exhibit?

“We expected them to experience a full immersive environment, to be transported to someplace new,” says Wong. “To come in and you’re in a new city. And you walk through all the murals and see all the artwork. We hope that it inspires as well and that they keep coming back and enjoying the work and discovering new things with every visit.”

There are pictures, murals, sculptures, and so many more experiences for visitors to have when they come down to Bishop Museum.

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