Potholes saturate Hawaii after flooding rains

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The recent wet weather has taken a toll on Hawaii roads, causing numerous potholes to pop up across the state. Potholes, unfortunately, come with more roadwork, traffic, or tire problems, which all equate to stress.

Kauai County is asking drivers to avoid swearing or yelling at workers fixing potholes. The Department of Transportation echoes that sentiment and says they’ve received numerous calls to fix potholes since their work began Monday.

“We appreciate the public’s patience. No one likes potholes and no one likes to be impacted by them.” HI-DOT spokesperson Tim Sakahara said.

If a pothole in your commute or in your neighborhood has grown stale, there is a method to the madness.

“First it’s prioritized,” Sakahara said.

“If there are any of those big potholes that could be deemed a health and safety risk, those are tended to first and foremost and our crews will respond to those immediately. If they’re some of the less severe potholes they will be put into a rotation and get at the soonest possible time after those immediate danger ones have been remedied.”

Following the rains, over the last three days the Department of Transportation says they’ve used 37 tons of mixed asphalt to fill in potholes across Oahu.

“We also have inspectors that are driving around every single day looking for problems or issues that need to be addressed,” Sakahara added.

Customers have flooded Titanium Auto Solutions in Pearl City, who specializes in fixing dented and cracked rims.

“It’s been crazy this week, so many phone calls and people stressed out about how they’re going to get their rim repaired and what they can do because their car is damaged.” Director of Operations Kimberly Bradley said.

If you are unlucky enough to hit a pothole, reporting it to the city or DOT “Potline” will help others avoid your pitfall, but please be thorough.

“Whenever they do call the more detailed the better,” Sakahara said.

“If they can give us the exact roadway the direction that it’s in if it’s multiple lanes which lane if there are any near landmarks that might help the crew identify the area where they need to go to.”

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