HONOLULU (KON2) — Artificial Intelligence has been created. As man has sought to create his own form of life that exists outside of the churning evolutionary process, we have embarked on a journey that promises endless capabilities.

A new survey has found that 86% of us have not done any holiday gift shopping. While 86% of Americans haven’t done any holiday shopping, some Millennials are using AI to tackle the task.

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While 90% of shoppers consider prices as a determining factor in purchasing gifts for friends, family, co-workers and community acquaintances, time has been the precipitating factor is our last-minute rush to bring holiday cheer.

We are also utilizing online shopping (60%) at a higher rate than in-store purchasing (54%).

But the most surprising information that has been released is a new survey that shows that Millennials are using artificial intelligence to do their holiday shopping for them.

Research has discovered that digital tools such as ChatGPT are being used to help remove the guesswork out of holiday gift-giving.

The study found that those who identify as men are 44% more likely to utilize ChatGPT for their holiday shopping; meanwhile, those who identify as women are only 17% likely to use the technology for gift shopping.

Within these numbers, the survey found that 50% of Millennials are utilizing AI technology to deal with the hassle of finding gifts.

This is what the age range breakdown looks like:

  • 18-24:38%.
  • 25-34: 52%.
  • 35-44: 54%.
  • 45-54: 24%.
  • 55+: less than 10%.

Nearly half of those who identify as men who were surveyed said they trust the software to maintain their privacy while using ChatGPT versus only 25% of those who identify as a woman surveyed who said the same.

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Would you trust the software to maintain a confidential platform for the use of ChatGPT to do intimate tasks such as shopping?