Police shoot, kill cow on Farrington Highway near Ko Olina

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Honolulu police have killed a cow that was running loose on Farrington Highway Thursday afternoon.

Drivers began spotting the animal at around 3:23 p.m. in the westbound lanes near Ko Olina.

According to witnesses, the cow was darting in and out of traffic, clearly out of its element.

“The cow, she was so scared,” said driver Jason Wilson. “She couldn’t find her way up the hill right there by the Ko Olina off-ramp. She kept going into the drainage port and then back onto the road.”

“We saw two cars veer off to the right and we thought, don’t know what’s going on, another crazy traffic day, but it was a cow,” said driver Meri Mine. “It was running the other way opposite of traffic and it was quite smart because it was running on the shoulder lane.”

Vehicles came to a standstill, backing up traffic onto the H-1 Freeway.

One witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the cow became even more agitated when a police car arrived with its sirens on.

“As soon as he came out, the bull [sic] ran and that’s when (police) shot it,” the witness said. Bystanders could be heard screaming in video sent to the newsroom.

According to police, the cow got agitated when contracted ranch hands tried to corral her. Officers opened fire to stop the cow from threatening public safety, officials said.

But one witness says the situation could have been handled better.

“They didn’t take the time to think about it how people in traffic could get affected by it if a bull [sic] was running for its life and then was shot. It could have run into people’s cars,” he said.

There’s no word yet where the cow came from, but witnesses say she likely wandered down from the hillside.

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