Witness: man shot multiple times while sitting in his truck

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A 46-year-old man was shot multiple times while sitting in his truck early Monday morning.

His friend, a woman sitting in the passenger seat, saw it all happen.

Honolulu Police have arrested the suspect. Records show he’s been convicted of several felonies, and was just released on parole in January.

Honolulu Police say the shooting happened just before one o’clock in the morning on Ololu Street in Mililani.

A witness who does not want to be identified tells us she was in the passenger seat of the truck when two men whose faces were covered, approached the vehicle. One man then asked her friend sitting at the driver’s side, for his belongings.

“What, give me your cell, where’s your stuff? Give me ’em. He looks at them and said what are you crazy? No, and that’s when the suspect went oh yeah? Oh yeah?” said the victim’s friend.

She says the suspect fired three shots and two of them hit her friend in the stomach area.

“All of a sudden all I heard was pop, pop, pop. When I heard that, that was it. I was more scared than anything, oh my gosh, no, no,” she said.

She says the gunman then pushed her friend off the driver’s seat and jumped in and drove off. She says he was startled to see that she was in the passenger’s seat, and told her…

“Get out, get out. I don’t know how to open, unlock it please, get out. I don’t know how to open this, for real kind, I don’t know how to open this, can you help me out so I can get out? Please, let me get out,” she said.

He did let her out and police were able to catch the suspect about an hour later. Sources say he tried to get away when police initially stopped him, but officers caught him by Leeward Community College.

Thirty-two-year-old Isaiah Kaisa was arrested for attempted murder, robbery and other charges. Records show Kaisa has been convicted of seven felonies, including firearms violations, forgery, and escape.

The victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The witness was not hurt.

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