Police investigate a shooting in Waipahu

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Police are investigating a shooting that happened in broad daylight just after 9 a.m., in a Waipahu parking lot on Moloalo Street.

They say one man is in critical condition.

Jonathan Mendoza was sitting inside jack in the box, getting some breakfast, when he heard the shot.

“I heard pop,” Mendoza explained.
KHON: “And what did you think when you heard the pop?”
“I didn’t think that somebody got shot. Then one of my friends told me, somebody got shot. Then I looked outside and I seen somebody fell down between my car…I seen him fall down. Get the blood over there by the tire,” Mendoza said.

Multiple witnesses said that a second man in a white car was the shooter. 

Mendoza pointed out to where the white car was parked right next to his car in the parking lot.

Another witness inside Jack in the Box captured a video.

He said it showed the man who got shot getting up, off of the ground, then hopping to a dark green car.

Police said the injured  male was taken by someone in the car to Queens West.

Officers on scene confirmed that the male was transported from Queens West to Queens Punchbowl with a gunshot wound.

The investigation is ongoing.The current status of the male who was shot is unknown. Police are continuing to look for the shooter.

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