Police identify man shot in Kailua fatal officer-involved shooting as Laumaka work furlough escapee Dallas Pearce

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu police say the man shot and killed by an officer on Monday, January 5, 2020 in Kailua was 33-year-old Dallas Pearce an escapee from the Laumaka Work Furlough program.

Plain clothed police officers were sent to Aikahi Gardens following a lead that there was an escapee in the area.

They found the suspect in a vehicle and parked their police vehicle behind the suspect and approached him.

Police identified the suspect as 33-year-old Dallas Pearce.

The Department of Public Safety sent out an alert on November 19, 2019 that Pearce, a Laumaka Work Furlough inmate never returned. He was serving time for burglary and faced additional escape charges.

The officers saw what appeared to be a gun.

There was a struggle while Pearce was still in the car and it was over the firearm.

During that time a 41-year-old woman came and started screaming and interfering with the officers.

“Several times from the beginning and several times after the officer repeatedly shouted out commands for Pearce to give himself up and for the female to stop interfering and stand back,” said Honolulu Police Department assistant chief John McCarthy. “None of these demands were met. the officer continued to the point where out of fear for their own safety and concerns of the safety of others. They fired multiple shots at Pearce. Immediatley aftrer pulling pearce out of the car and administering CPR and medical aid to him he was taken to a nearby hospital where he expired. I wouldn’t consider three to four shots a lot at all. Undersatnd that lethal force is whatever force is necessary to stop the problem. At that point it’s an individual thing, and an individual case determined by that circumstance.”

Officials are still investigating the type of gun that Pearce had.

We asked about footage and were told the officers in that district still do not have body cameras.

This is case is classified as an attempted murder and is still under investigation.

The officers involved in the shooting are in a thre day administrative leave.

One officer has 22 years of experience. The other 10 years, and they were not injured.

We wanted to know about the work furlough program and how many have escaped.

A spokeswoman from the public safety department said in 2014, 47 walked away and the year after that 44.

Those numbers were cut nearly in half between 2016 and 2018.

Last year there were 22 escapes total statewide.

2014 – 47
2015 – 44
2016 – 15
2017 – 19
2018 – 15
2019 – 22

Still officials say the work furlough is very successful. Of the 500 inmates that go through the work furlough program every year statewide about 80% of the inmates successfully complete the program and enter parole.

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