HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii police departments are taking steps as we move closer to allowing gun owners to carry their weapon in public. This, after the United States Supreme Court said restrictions should be re-evaluated.

Police departments across the state said they have been working together along with the state attorney general on how to proceed with allowing gun owners to carry their weapon in public. On Oahu, the Honolulu Police Department said 78 people have applied this year, 77 of them within the last three weeks. HPD stated in the past it received 3 to 4 applications a year.

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A spokesperson released a statement which expressed, “HPD is reviewing its forms and procedures to ensure compliance… Once the new process is finalized, a letter will be sent to the applicants notifying them of the new procedures.”

The Kauai Police Department is also revising it’s process. “Persons wishing to apply for a permit to carry will be required to submit an application on the revised firearms application for review and consideration,” said KPD.

The attorney for George Young, who filed the lawsuit challenging Hawaii’s law said police chiefs, who will be approving the applications, will have to make their decisions within the next few weeks.

“If the situation carries on for a long time, it’s possible that the chiefs of police of the different counties may be making themselves liable,” said Alan Beck.

He adds that there will be even more pressure on the chiefs to make their decisions when the Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit rules in Young’s favor. Beck expects that in less than two months.

“So the chiefs won’t be able to rely upon the current law to deny people a permit. That would go into effect immediately,” said Beck.

Those waiting for approval said they can hardly wait.

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“You can protect yourself, that’s the basic feeling that I would have. I’d be excited to be able to protect myself and my loved ones,” said Randy Vasconcellos, who applied last week.