Police commission asks HPD about home invasions

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is not just the police department looking into an armed home invasion of an elderly couple at Waialae Iki ridge, but it is also the Honolulu Police Commission asking the department heads how they are going about the investigation.

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The Honolulu Police Commission Chair Shannon Alivado said it was alarming that Tuesday’s home robbery invasion took place in daylight, at a time when many are working and studying from home.

“I think what we wanted to know is, how the department was going to follow-up with these cases,” Alivado said. “Because this happened in such a brazen, in daylight hours, the concern is whether this is going to continue to occur or if they have some leads as to who may be committing these crimes.”  

Honolulu Deputy Chief of Police John McCarthy told the commission on Wednesday, there were four home invasion robberies on Oahu in just the past two months.

He said there is usually a bump in criminal activity during the end of the year and around the holidays.

The department’s standard procedures is for detectives to respond directly to home invasions.

McCarthy said, “Detectives are responding to the scene to try to get a better assessment of what happened in the first place, we pay more attention to those cases definitely.”

Sergeant Chris Kim with CrimeStoppers Honolulu said community awareness should be at the forefront during this time of the year.

“Pay attention to the way they dress, pay attention to the way they look, pay attention to the way they talk,” Kim said. “Look for distinguishing characteristics, do they have tattoos, type of haircut and scar marks.”

Alivado said she hopes people will be more vigilant knowing at least two cases of home invasion that involves criminals tying up elderly owners have happened within a month’s period.

She said this topic is likely to remain on the commission’s agenda, as kupuna have been targeted once again.

“I hope this is not only a way to raise awareness but to remain more vigilant as a community,” Alivado said. “It’s not only the commission asking questions, but requesting information and response from the department. So we hope, you know, we can continue to be responsible in our duties in carrying forward.”  

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