Police Chief Ballard wants more done for mental illness

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Days after the shooting incident on Sunday, Jerry Hanel’s history of misusing the 911 telephone service and the multiple temporary restraining orders (TRO) against him came to light.

His lawyer even told KHON2 he believes Hanel struggled with mental health.

Knowing this now, Police Chief Susan Ballard said what happened Sunday could have been handled differently.

“If there was some type of system that we could tie together all of the TROs, All of the past problems that this person might have had, so that we can have a database, and I know people don’t like that,” said Ballard. We have to be able to track people who are mentally ill and not just to track them but also to get them the services they need.”

Not only that, she wants to take it a step further.

“So if you’re mentally ill you’re going to go to a facility are going to get the help you need, since you cannot make those decisions on your own. I know it sounds tough, but I think it’s time for tough love now,” said Ballard.

Greg Payton, CEO of Mental Health Kokua said across the island, thousands of people are treated daily for a mental illness.

However, the services are voluntary, in most cases, you can’t force someone into treatment.

“The person would have to agree and consent to services,” said Payton. “That means that we as providers build a relationship and rapport with those people to trust us and to want to take an interest in goals and developing goals for their own lives.”

“That’s an important piece of this, is building a relationship with somebody to rebuild their lives,” said Payton.

He said those who would like to seek treatment should talk to their health care provider about receiving an Ohana Health Plan. They will be evaluated and then can start programs with any of the service providers on the island, such as Care Hawaii, North Shore Mental Health and Mental Health Kokua.

Payton said a mental illness needs lifelong treatment and commitment.

If you or someone you know wants to get treatment, you can visit the Mental Illness Kokua website to find out more information.

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