Police charge suspect in bus stop sex assault

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Honolulu police have charged 25-year-old Isa Lucky with Sex Assault and Kidnapping in connection with an attack on a woman who was sitting at a bus stop. His bail is set at $75,000.

Police caught the suspect around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, in the area where the attack happened in Iwilei.

Police say the victim was waiting at the bus stop near 866 Iwilei Road at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning when she was approached by an unknown man.

The male then grabbed her by the arm and dragged her across the street to a nearby building where he sexually assaulted her. The male then fled in an unknown direction,” Chris Kim said. Kim is the Crimestoppers spokesperson.

Police put out a sketch and description of the suspect before making the arrest Thursday afternoon.

Yesterdays attack, was just one of several recent kidnappings.

Lee Donohue, a security expert shared helpful self defense tips.

KHON: “If somebody’s got me by the arm, how could i fight and get away?”

“The normal rule is always go to the thumbs. The thumbs are the weakest point on somebody’s hands,” Donohue explained.

If you’re grabbed by the wrist with one hand, you pull your downward toward the person’s thumb. If you pull hard enough, you should be able to break free.

If they go for your neck and they are facing you, Donohue said you should pitch your head downward the suspects thumbs and step back to get away.

Although Donohue said self defense classes can be very helpful, it’s also helpful to avoid dark and secluded areas.

“You should be in well lit areas where people are around. When somebody does accost you or confront you, you can call out for help…A lot of times the guys who want to confront somebody, when they meet somebody who’s yelling for help, they’ll go away,” Donohue explained.

Chris Kim from Crimestoppers agreed that yelling for help could save your life and even prevent the attack from going further.

“If you feel like your life is in danger, then you need to take the appropriate measures. Whether its kicking, screaming, fighting, biting, punching, anything you need to do to protect yourself. We recommend making a lot of noise and trying to draw attention to yourself,” Kim said. 

“If you’re waiting at a bus stop and it’s somewhat, in a secluded area, consider going to another bus stop… take notice of people around you. If anybody is acting suspicious, think about getting on a taxi or getting on a ride share program,” Kim said.

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