HONOLULU (KHON2) — Whether it’s scoring Black Friday deals or buying some early Christmas presents, thieves are looking to cash in on purchases.

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“They’ll case out a home and wait until they know people aren’t there a lot of times,” said Capt. Rio Amon-Wilkins, Hawaii Police Department.

Police said, thieves know homes are filled with new items during the holiday like big appliances, new technology and money. Police add, criminals also know people go on vacation and leave their homes empty for the holidays.

“The crooks pay attention to people’s behavior and activity,” said Capt. Amon-Wilkins.

According to the Honolulu Police Department’s latest update on major crime, District 1, which is central Honolulu, has seen an 11 percent increase in burglaries. Daylight doesn’t always offer a deterrent. HPD’s 2022 annual report shows, there were 815 burglaries at homes during the day compared to 505 at night.

“Nowadays I recommend and tell everyone to secure your home,” said Justin Cabanting, Hawaii Police Department. “Lock the windows, some people like to keep the air fresh in the houses by keeping the window cracked. Secure your windows, make sure you double check the locks on your house.”

Police also suggest, investing in a security camera system for homes, don’t hide any spare keys in mailboxes or planters and place gifts where they can’t be seen from outside. Police are also advising the public to not make their homes a target for criminals.

“Try not to leave that box where the brand new tv came out, outside by the garage rubbish can. You’re kind of telling thieves what you just bought or what you got in your house,” said Cabanting.

Police said, when it comes to getting deliveries in the mail, be aware of porch pirates this holiday season.

“Some people do have it delivered to post offices which are kind of secure. You get the yellow card in your post office mailbox and you go get it from the counter,” Cabanting said.

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If anyone sees suspicious vehicles or activity in their neighborhood, they’re asked to call 911.