HONOLULU (KHON2) – If you’re a poke lover or if you are just looking for a taste of Hawaii, Ka Makana Alii is the place you want to be at on Saturday because it will be the return of the Poke Fest presented by Fresh Island Fish. 

To find out about everything that is taking place tomorrow, KHON2 News met with Stephanie England the general manager of Ka Makana Alii.

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“Yes, we are really excited because every year, the Poke Fest has grown for us and FROLIC, our partner for this event, has pulled no stops this year. It’s amazing. We have incredible entertainment, awesome 14 different entries, so I think it’s going to be a really special time here at the center,” said England.

This is the third year of the Poke Fest being held at Ka Makana Alii.

“The first year was during the pandemic and the team put together a drive-thru Poke Fest,” said England.

“So, there were pre-plated, pre-chosen poke and everyone who came and drove, picked up their poke, took them home and enjoyed it. Some of them ate here in the shopping center. Last year, we actually had an interactive where there were tents and you could go and engage and talk to the folks making the poke. And then this year, it has grown even further to be a real festival, a real event with Kimie Miner, Izik and Trishnalei performing so it is a wonderful time for everyone to come and enjoy.”

To find out more, in particular some of the poke that you can expect on Saturday, KHON2 News met with one of the vendors Preston Rabacal from Paradise Poke.

He actually won the People’s Choice Award 2022.

“So, this, we actually just came up with this for the Poke Fest this year,” said Rabacal. “This is called Ahi FTW. So, it’s ahi, furikake, truffle wasabi. So, this will be our savory ahi, our house-made shoyu.”

“So, last year, we had Hawaiian Alae. That is a family recipe. Secrets,” said Rabacal.

Rabacal makes these creations and spends time selling poke at the storefront in the Nuuanu Shopping Center.

KHON2 News asked what is so special about poke to Rabacal.

“For us, poke has always been a tradition in Hawaii and for our families, we have always loved poke,” said Rabacal. “We would like to share with the rest of the world. So especially with our secrets, you know, then you can come try our taste.”

And once again, where can people find your storefront?

“It’s going to be in Nuuanu Shopping Center where the old Walgreens is. If you remember Hungry Lion, we actually took over that place next to Starbucks,” said Rabacal.

FROLIC Hawaii’s 2023 Poke Fest is presented by Fresh Island Fish at Ka Makana Alii. It starts at 4 p.m. lasting till 8 p.m. 

Admission to the festival is free, but if you are choosing to purchase any of their food or try any of it, that will come with a cost.

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