HONOLULU (KHON2) — 7-Eleven teamed up with OmniFoods to launch a plant-based katsu musubi.

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This musubi will be available in all 66 7-Eleven locations across the state according to OmniFoods.

On Oahu, this musubi will cost $2.99 and on the rest of the other islands, this musubi will cost $3.49.

This new item will be added to the selection of many grab-and-go snacks 7-Eleven offers.

Snacks 7-Eleven offers:

  • SPAM Musubi
  • Spicy Ahi Inari
  • Baked Salmon Triangle Musubi
  • Mochiko Chicken Jumbo Musubi
  • Teri Chicken Bento
  • Menehune Karaage Chicken Bento
  • Lup Cheong house-made manapua
  • Curry house-made manapua

OmniFoods said this plant-based katsu musubi “offers the same familiar taste and flavor as traditional Katsu Musubi, with added health benefits.”

This item also looks like a traditional musubi with plant-based meat on top of rice and wrapped in sushi nori.

The plant-based Katsu musubi is a great addition to our menu and reflects our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers.”

Debbie Lee Soon, Food Innovation & Development Manager at 7-Eleven Hawaii.

OMNI Luncheon is a meat alternative that is plant-based and made with non-GMO soy, wheat, and beets.

This alternative meat is also high in dietary plant fiber, free from cholesterol, and made with lower sodium than typical meat products.

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Co-Founder and CEO of OmniFoods David Yeung said he is excited to bring this food item to all 7-Elevens in Hawaii and his mission “is to provide delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives to the public, and we believe that this partnership with 7-Eleven Hawaii is a great step towards achieving our mission.”