KAAWA, Hawaii (KHON2) — Sergio Florian broke the record for running the perimeter of Oahu on Sunday, Feb. 28.

The physical therapist circled the entire island in 27 hours and 15 minutes. He beat the previous record, which was timed in November of 2020 at 32 hours, 55 minutes and 35 seconds.

“I’m going to have to take a day off of work probably,” Florian said. “I’m pretty sore right now.”

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Florian battled strong winds and heavy rains, which forced him to slow to a walk and jog pace at the end of the run.

“Somehow pushing through mentally, I was able to keep going even though my body was like ‘how long can I do this for’ and I just kept doing it,” Florian said. “I was able to keep going up until a certain point I did end up having to walk the last 20 miles. Walk and jog.”

He set a goal to run the perimeter of Oahu in 24 hours to inspire others to be more active, especially his clients.

“My clients were my inspiration and I hope to inspire them as well,” Florian said.

Some of his patients came out to support him along the route, and he gave them a fist bump.

“It’s all about having other people help you with your goals,” said Florian. “You can’t just do it alone.”

He says he might do this run again to beat his goal of 24 hours.

“That might have to be in the future, I might have to try it again and pace myself better,” Florian said.

His motto is “movement is life.”

“We should all move a little more. That’s my message,” Florian shared.