HONOLULU (KHON2) — Approximately 40 large truck tires, weighing over 5,000 pounds, were pulled from Heeia Kea Small Boat Harbor last weekend.

“It’s powerful when people gather together in unity around a common goal,” said Matt Beasley.

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Beasley, one of the co-founders behind the junk removal and hauling business Aloha Junk Man, partnered up with Ocean Defenders Alliance for the first time on Sunday, Feb. 6 — and he said it won’t be the last.

After divers went down to hook ropes to the tires, volunteers worked together to pull them out. Beasley and his team then hauled them, loaded them up in their trucks and took them to the dump. While they’ve removed trash from the ocean before, it was the first time being part of an ocean tire cleanup.

“The experience was a pleasant one as most community service events are,” Beasley said. “There is joy and laughter, hard work, encouragement, and mutual satisfaction of the job accomplished.”

Normally, the Aloha Junk Man crew consists of two technicians and a truck, so having more hands to haul these tires made their jobs easier and quicker. The tires were taken to H-POWER to be disposed of.

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“We are always down to help out if we can fit it in our busy schedule,” said Beasley. “So hopefully this inspires others to ban together and clean up some areas.”