Petland warns customers in case of dock workers strike

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There appears to be no end in sight to an ongoing labor dispute at dozens of West Coast docks.

Slowdowns continue to affect businesses across the country as their stocks remain stuck at ports, causing them to lose billions of dollars.

One of those businesses is Petland. Stores have posted signs along shelves warning customers that in the event of a dock strike, they would only serve regular customers.

The sign reads: “Petland appreciates the support of regular customers. In case of a dock strike we will limit purchases to regular customers only. Please sign up as a regular customer. Otherwise please be understanding if we deny purchases due to dock strike. Sign up is at register.”

“I wish I had better answers. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, they’re largely beyond my control and all I can do is protect my regular customers,” said Ken Matsui, Petland president.

Petland said many of its manufacturers are on the West Coast who rely on components from Asia in order to build their products.

The store anticipated problems, so it increased its stock to higher-than-normal levels to avoid a problem.

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