HONOLULU (KHON2) — Missing a road test appointment will cost applicants starting Monday, May 16.

The wait time for an appointment on Oahu is about four months, but officials hope penalties for those who do not show will cut that in half.

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Oahu’s Department of Customer Services schedules about 900 road tests per week, but the City said around 15-20% do not show.

“So, that translates into about 145 to 180 slots per week that could actually be utilized by others,” said DCS director designate Kim Hashiro. “In general, Sheridan, which is our town location, has about a two to three month wait period.”

Penalties for no-shows will go into effect on May 16. One drawback is those who are absent will have to wait two weeks to reschedule. A Waipahu resident told KHON2 the rescheduling suspension could serve as a lesson for new drivers and parents.

“That would be a good thing,” said Ivy Mabuti, “it would show you, you know, responsibility to the person that’s taking the test and you want to ensure that the parents are going to push their kids to take that responsibility very not lightly.”

Another penalty that is slated to be put in place is forfeiting the road test fee.

“The other thing is that they will forfeit the prepaid $8 road test fee and that there’s no refund or they’re not able to transfer that fee,” Hashiro said.

Consumer Services recommends checking their stand-by list to avoid long waits. One Punahou student told KHON2 that the list was how he got in early.

“I scheduled my appointment and it’s, I think it was supposed to be in July, but if you go online and you just look at the cancelations if you could just get the next day, so I got one of those yesterday,” Ayndra Uperesa-Thomas said.

Officials expect the upcoming penalties to cut Oahu’s wait time by half in about 3 months.

“I think the examiners and the supervisors, they’re really trying their best to provide as much service as possible,” Hashiro said. “So, we’re really trying to minimize wait time for the public.”

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Those who know they can not make their appointment can still reschedule online once penalties are in place, but they will have to do it by 6 a.m. on the day they are supposed to show up.