PEARL CITY, Hawaii (KHON2) — There were two landslides including one in Pearl City.

A lot of the severe damage are at homes in that area.

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On Noelani Street in Pearl City, residents continue their clean up efforts after heavy rain pounded this area overnight.

Neighbors say they’re devastated, shocked and exhausted.

The past day has been a whirlwind for many.

Noelani Street became a raging river overnight.

“My dog had to be rescued,” said Kristie Mendiola, whose Pearl City home was flooded. “A firefighter helped rescue her when I wasn’t even here yet.”

The flood waters washing away everything from tables, to sheds, and even cars.

“All we heard was a big bang,” explained Mendiola. “It hit the water, and they called their friend who has a bigger truck to help them pull it out. So the car is there.”

Neighbors say the floodwater rose as high as trash bins, leaving behind its mark.

The severe weather also shut down Pearl City Highlands Elementary school due to flooding.

Staff sweeps up after heavy rain Monday night. The water so strong that it even washed these storage containers into resident’s yards.

“Just the amount of water that was coming over into the property was just moving things like they weigh nothing,” said Lance Kawasaki, whose Pearl City home was flooded.

Surveillance video from the Kawasaki’s home shows the massive storage containers floating away into the fence.

On Tuesday, residents are picking up the pieces left by mother nature.

“I think we have to dump a lot of things,” said Mendiola. “You know for homeowners we’re not in a flood zone so financially that’s hard.”

City crews assisted impacted areas that helped to sweep the debris.

Residents tell me they’re in it for the long haul.

The cleanup process will be a team effort.

“You know I run this batting cage here,” said Kawasaki. “Probably going to get the boys here to help if they can.”

“We’ll get through it,” said Mendiola. “We’re from Hawaii. We come together in great times, and when we need each other. It’s just I know we will. This is just all material things. As long as we have our health, and everyone is okay.”

The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) responded to a call to evacuate an elderly female who was trapped by flooding water in her home in Pearl City at around 7:21 p.m. Monday.

The female was rescued and later the entire home was evacuated after a wall of the house collapsed under the flooding water.

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A Hazmat company was also called in to seal a propane tank that was leaking after breaking away from its mounted location.

The three evacuated females were assisted by the American Red Cross.