Pearl City family brings charm and aloha spirit to hit game show ‘Family Feud’

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HONOLULU (KHON) — When Charity Antonio heard Family Feud was holding auditions at the Hawaii Convention Center, she immediately signed up. Her journey to national television all started with a skit.

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It was not required, but Antonio added a video of her family performing a skit in her email to Family Feud producers before their October 2019 open audition at the Hawaii Convention Center. 

“I’m the one that signed my family up because if you talk to them, or party with them, you’ll see that they’re the life of any party,” she said. 

“When I got an email (saying we made it in), I was ecstatic!” said the Pearl City native. 

Antonio and her siblings, Chuck Drumeller, Isaac Drumeller, Jeremiah Drumeller and Blessing Victorine flew to Atlanta, Georgia in August 2020 to film the show. 

“Ironically, we’re on Family Feud, and our family was feuding at the time. The show brought us back together,” laughed Issac. 

All “manini” stuff, the Pearl City family says. 

“We’re blood, we’re all family. We just have to forgive each other,” said Antonio.

“Yeah. And money talks louder!” Blessing quipped, as her siblings laughed.  

That is not the only obstacle the Drumellers had to overcome to compete on Family Feud. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, extra precautions were added. 

“They had to take COVID-19 tests. For me as a mother, if they didn’t pass and they had to quarantine, or if they get sick, that was nerve wrecking,” said mother Leslie Drumeller.

“Yeah, we were saying… if anyone gets COVID, we’re going to be so mad at you! We flew all the way out here for a game show!” laughed Blessing. 

“When we took the test, one test came out inconclusive,” Jeremiah recalled. 

“It ended up being me! I was scared. Don’t tell me I got COVID! I had to take a retest,” he said. Jeremiah ended up testing negative, allowing the family to compete. 

“When you see us on the show, that’s the only time we don’t have masks. And if you watch the show, Steve Harvey has his own podium. He can’t come up by us, we couldn’t even take a picture with him,” said Antonio. 

Though the family did not win, they say they have no regrets. 

“If this is on your bucket list, you will never regret it. This was so fun!” said Antonio. 

“We’re losers. But we did so good! We won 3 rounds out of 5. It came to the sudden death round. This man lost for us!” said Blessing, pointing at a photo of her brother Chuck. Chuck was unable to make the interview.

“Poor thing, he’s not here to defend himself,” she joked. 

The episode of Family Feud featuring the Drumeller family originally aired on KHON on November 19, 2020. 

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