HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is illegal to dump or dispose of waste in an unpermitted area on Oahu. However, despite this law many people still do so. 

Driving throughout the island, whether you are on the north shore, windward side, west side, or south shore you will see trash, old appliances, furniture and more dumped illegally. 

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According to the City and County of Honolulu it is illegal to deposit any waste onto land, including waste dumped or tipped on a site with no license to accept waste. 

This includes dumping yard waste, appliances, tires, construction and demolition waste, automobiles, furniture, and other garbage in alleys, dumpsters, vacant buildings, public or private property and roadways. 

The current city ordinance says current repeat offenders can be fined up to $250 per offense. Reoccurring violations may be subject to a civil fine up to $2,500. 

Despite dumping being illegal in Honolulu, it also makes the surrounding neighborhoods, parks, and businesses look bad. 

Throughout the island different non-profits and organizations put on neighborhood cleanups to beautify their areas. Most recently was the Kalihi neighborhood cleanup sponsored by the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO).

Stephen Keogh, the Vice President for SHOPO, said everyone deserves to live and work in a safe neighborhood, and they also deserve to feel safe in those neighborhoods.

“A neighborhood that has walls and fences overrun with gang graffiti, sidewalks blocked with a thoughtless person’s junk, and where weeds overgrow public spaces, is a neighborhood that makes you feel less safe, it’s depressing,” said Keogh. “It shouldn’t be that way and its why we organized this clean up.”

You are encouraged to report someone who is dumping their items illegally. The City and County of Honolulu’s website has easy steps to follow.

When reporting illegal dumping you need to provide:

  • Your name and contact information 
  • Type of illegal dump site (construction and/or demolition debris; bulky items; household rubbish; possible hazardous waste; landscaping/yard waste; auto parts; other — please specify).
  • Location of illegal dump site (detailed description of the exact location).
  • Any additional information about the dump site that may be helpful.

You can also call 911 if you catch someone in the act of dumping their items illegally to make a report. 

Important information to get is the person’s vehicle license plate number, a description of the location and what they are getting rid of.

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For more information on how to report or for a list of legal waste sites to dispose of your items head to the City and County of Honolulu’s website