Pau Hana Sessions provides platform for local artists

Local News

What started out as a project to create classroom content, turned into an avenue for local artists to shine.

An idea that sparked from the brain of Roderick Labrador, an ethnic studies professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, has now turned into “Pau Hana Sessions.”

Ethan Caldwell, an African American studies professor at UH Manoa, is the hands behind the lens.

Whether it’s for exposure or educational use, Pau Hana Sessions creates another platform for artists to share their talents.

The creative platform is more than just music, it’s a place where the rhythm of education and conversation meets.

Pau Hana Sessions are shot and posted on a nearly-weekly basis.

Whether it’s artists or a students utilizing the platform, Pau Hana Sessions has purpose and a place for everyone.

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