HONOLULU (KHON2) — Heads up for travelers! Parking rates at Honolulu’s airport will go up starting January first. State officials said the money will help enhance security measures at the parking garages. But some travelers said there’s very little security there now.

The parking rate hike will affect those who leave their cars for at least six hours. After eight hours, it will count as a full day and will cost $22, a $4 increase. It’s the first hike since 2015.

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation said the rate hike should raise around $1 million in about a year and at least some of that money will go into improving the security systems in the parking structures.

“You have to have constant upkeep so the idea of generating funds is critically important because you’re constantly needing to keep things up to par if you will,” said HDOT spokesman Jai Cunningham.

Travelers we spoke with aren’t happy about it.

“I don’t mind paying a higher parking fee if they do something. The security is really lousy. I have a friend that’s a pilot, he’s been robbed,” said Clayton Boyle, a Mililani resident.

“Does that bother you at all?” KHON2 asked.
“Absolutely, because I travel interisland sometimes and that would be the case for that also. I don’t think it’s right raising the price and everything, except for my salary,” said Jeff Hamburg, a Waikele resident.

Travelers have complained in the past because their cars were broken into and were told that some of the security cameras were not working. Cunningham said the cameras are working. He added that security guards and state sheriffs also patrol the area.

“Public Safety is a number one when it comes to our airports. But just know that the structures can’t be guarded 24/7, 365. We don’t have that kind of resources,” said Cunningham.

New cameras have already been installed. But it’s part of a system to let drivers know how many stalls are available. Electronic signs have been posted near the entrances of each of the three garages.

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This is just a way for you to have an idea not to waste your time getting in the parking structure and going all the way up to the top and all the way back down on the bottom, trying to find a stall,” said Cunningham.