HONOLULU (KHON2) — An Oahu man is celebrating after he won an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program.

Mike Prickett is known for more than recording massive waves, however.

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Mike Prickett earned his Emmy on HBO’s documentary series “100 Foot Wave” by shooting waves in Nazaré, Portugal, but the Kaiser High School graduate’s surf roots go much deeper.

“Growing up around surf and shooting surf my whole life, I’m stoked to travel the world and shoot waves all around the world,” said Mike Prickett, director of photography for the HBO documentary series.

“But using all the knowledge I learned in Hawaii, it’s so special to me.”

Mike Prickett, “100 Foot Wave” director of photography

Prickett helped during the 2012 “Chasing Mavericks” film, but paralyzed both of his legs during a rescue. It would have been the end for most.

“But it ended up being inspiring for me. And anyone that’s injured and thinks it’s the end, just never give up and just keep trying,” Prickett said.

Prickett is also the president of Salt+Air Studios and credited his Emmy to remote-controlled camera mounts on jet skis that are operated from shore while the driver avoids breaking waves.

“We built these special underwater camera rigs that went on the back of jet skis and we could control it from two miles away so we could get the camera in really dangerous positions,” Prickett said. “It’s groundbreaking, it’s never been done before in the whole world, so it’s pretty cool.”

The Hawaiian Islands hold a special place in his heart and Prickett said he hopes his story becomes an inspiration to others.

“Been there my whole life and I was kind of shooting the North Shore forever and yeah, I’m stoked that we were nominated for an Emmy a few times, but this time we finally won,” Prickett said. “I did all this and I won an Emmy! And I’m still paralyzed, so I’m happy to be shooting and enjoying life.”

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The documentary series “100 Foot Wave” is available to stream on HBO Max.