HONOLULU (KHON2) – After a 3-year hiatus, it’s finally back. 

Right here in Gods’ country of Waimanalo, the All-American Rodeo makes its return bigger and better than ever. 

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This starts today which started at 7:00 pm, and it’s lasting all the way through the weekend with its championship held on Sunday. 

We have a lot of people to speak with, so we are here with our first guest, Noel, who is Miss Rodeo Hawaii 2022. 

Tell us a little bit about your reign and when you were crowned Miss Rodeo Hawaii?

“I was crowned in June of this year so I have a very short reign, I just started,” says Noel Tancayo.

“And I was raised on the island of Molokai where I was fortunately crowned in front of my ohana that raised me and taught me the ways of paniolo.”

What does paniolo mean to you?

“Paniolo is the Hawaiian cowboy and to me, that was my whole entire life growing up,” says Tancayo.

“I was basically raised in a saddle and it is our heritage that created all of us here in Hawaii.”

Thank you very much Noel.

Now we are here with Kaya who actually caught the bug of rodeo in 2019 at the last rodeo. 

Tell us about that experience.

“I was here in 2019 watching the rodeo,” says competitor Kaya Partika. 

“I was riding the ponies at the petting zoo and then I begged my dad to take me to ride a horse and ever since then, I practiced every day and now here I am riding at the rodeo.”

I hear you are competing in multiple competitions this year. 

What are you competing in?

“I am competing in youth break away, women break away, keiki and women barrel racing,” says Partika.

What is barrel racing?

“Barrel racing, there are 3 barrels set up,” says Partika.

“You can go either left or right, I go right.  You go one right and two left, and then run home as fast as you can.”

Thank you very much, Kaya. 

Now we are joined, this is really what I want to talk about when we are talking about rodeo. 


We are here with a National Bull Fighter, Kaipo. 

Doing this professionally, I can only imagine some of the crazy experiences you have to go through because it doesn’t seem like a very easy job. 

“No, not really,” says Kaipo Soledade, National Bull Fighter.

“I love what I do so it’s not a hard job but our job is to protect the cowboys. If a bull rider falls, we step in between them and the bull and we take the hit.”

So, what were some of the hardest hits that you had to take?

“I broke my ankle in 2019, I broke a couple ribs.  It’s part of the job but I love what I do,” says Soledade. 

So, when you come down to the All-American Rodeo, you have of course, the rodeo events. 

But this is a family-friendly event, so as you can see, they have a petting zoo along with a vendors village. 

The All-American Rodeo kicks off today and lasts throughout the weekend. 

It starts at 7 p.m. today, tomorrow and Saturday.

FYI, union members have a discount on Saturday and military have a discount on Sunday.

Come Sunday, which is the championships, the rodeo starts at 5 p.m. 

The gates will open 2 hours prior which means traffic will be a little bummer, so make sure you get here early. 

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