HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some say that entrepreneurs are the backbone of Hawaii’s economy, and what better way is there to learn and get paid at the same time? 

Hawaii residents are going to have that chance. 

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There is a program in collaboration with Waiwai Collective and local business “NOHO HOME” and it is called Mahikū Summer Internship. 

KHON2 got to meet with the president and creative designer, Jalene Kanani.

“Well, the concept of Mahikū is to cultivate with a lot of intention and we’re hoping to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs, designers, people who are interested in innovative manufacturing technologies, and that’s what we’re going to be sharing with them as they work alongside of our team,” says Kanani.

Kanani’s experience has taught her ways to inspire the people who will be participating in the internship.

“Absolutely. Really, everything from motif creation, pattern repeats, designing silhouettes, and applying it to product development,” says Kanani. 

“And then execution of the manufacturing process, utilizing technology and smart practices, and then all of the go along with sales and marketing of products and that’s really the whole of the ecosystem that we will be working in.  We really hope to be able to inspire our interns and they’re also going to each get to work on one project of their own.”

KHON2 needed to know how Kanani got the idea of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Well, besides the fact that I just celebrated my 50th birthday and want to pass down the mana’o and ‘ike that has come along over the years, in Hawai’i we are trying to create an ecosystem of micro and small businesses that can grow and flourish and participate in the global economy to not only serve our island here, but also to participate in export and this type of manufacturing process with the micro factory allows for just that,” says Kanani.

NOHO HOME has social media pages online that can help people get in contact.

“Absolutely.  So we’re on Instagram and Facebook with the same handle, @nohohome.” 

Applications are being accepted until Sunday, June 6. 

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