Paddlers unite in honor of cultural exchange

Local News

The paddlers, who represent the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora challenged the Four Seasons Resort on Maui to a friendly competition as part of Makahiki season, a season traditionally set aside for sport and play.

This particular event wasn’t about winning. It was about the spirit of cooperation and the sharing of both culture and tradition.

“Four Seasons Bora-Bora reached out to Four Seasons Maui and challenged us really but to paddle together. It was a great time because of the Makahiki season. So we excepted the challenge and what a great time to welcome her brothers from Tahiti,” said Martin Dell of the Four Seasons Maui.

“We are extremely thankful to be here. This is the first time for us. It’s more than a race. The race in Tahiti but here it’s more the connection between the Hawaiians and the Polynesians it was amazing and a great great experience,” said Eric Bensahin of Four Seasons Bora Bora.

The waters off Maui are of great significance to the Tahitians as Polynesians came to Hawaii through this route.

The two resorts hope to make this an annual event, bringing together more hotels, all in the spirit of sharing and learning and cooperation..

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