HONOLULU (KHON2) — Crazy and overwhelming is how most of the travelers flying to and from the northwest describe the airport in Hawaii the day before Christmas eve.

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One traveler, Dipanjan Banerjee, is hoping to make it to Portland “to see my sister. She just had a baby for Christmas, but our flight got canceled because of inclement weather conditions. So now, we’re urgently re-booking our flights so hopefully we can get there in time for Christmas.”

Alaska Airlines said they are experiencing many delays due to weather impacts both in Hawai’i and in major pacific northwest hubs.

Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement, “unfortunately, the weather in the pacific northwest has also impacted our long-haul operation today, and we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cancel today’s flights to/from Portland and Seattle.” 

Passengers were lined up out the door waiting to be helped after their flight was canceled.

“We’re stuck in Hawaii so that’s not horribly bad because it’s freezing in Portland. But yeah, we’re all ready to go. It said our flight was on time, and then they just said that they’re all canceled,” said Christy Kruse, a Portland resident traveling home with her family.

Many grandparents hope to make it in time to see their grandkids on Christmas. Anita Narag, a grandma traveling to Portland, said, “my family will get together every Christmas and New Year’s.”

While some travelers are having a hard time not knowing when their next flight will be due to cancellations, a lot of people are just happy to be home after hours of sitting on a plane.

“There was the delay, like, for two hours; and then in the plane, we had to wait, like, an extra hour; and it was frustrating. But, we’re happy we get to come back home,” said Oahu resident, Marania Lauaki.

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Hawaii Department of Transportation said to always double check flight statuses before heading to the airport.