A Makaha man sentenced to one year in prison for animal cruelty

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A Makaha man is sentenced to one year in prison after a judge said his case is one of the worst examples of animal cruelty he’s ever seen in his life.

David “Lanny” Moore was convicted on 24 counts of animal cruelty in May. Moore and his mother June were both convicted of animal cruelty after police seized 310 dogs from their no kill animal shelter, Friends For Life, in October 2016.

Judge Edward Kubo addressed Moore sternly, telling him know he considered the grotesque and serious nature of how many animals were victimized before coming to his decision.

“What I saw and what the jury saw were animals who were being treated worse than animals,” Judge Edward Kubo said as he addressed David Moore in court.

Kubo reprimanded David “Lanny” Moore in court before sentencing him to one year in prison. Moore was also ordered to pay $39,450 in restitution to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Moore told Kubo he was called by a higher power to care for the animals and only had good intentions.

“There was no intent to ever to hurt a human or an animal. There was no intent of me neglecting them. I work hard sir. I did whatever I could,” Moore said.

Kubo said the dogs were found in deplorable conditions and that their conditions were less than humane.

“Water bowls or access to water was nonexistent…some bowls looks like urine was in the water bowls…There was insufficient space to allow animals to sit lie or turn around or to make bodily movement without making physical tot contact with another animal,” Kubo said.

Moores mother June was convicted on one count of animal cruelty.

Kubo sentenced her to four days in prison and one year probation.

Before reading her sentence, Kubo said he took into account her physical handicap and other factors, but he wanted to make a point.

“There is a need to impress upon the defendant the seriousness of what it means to be cruel to an innocent animal. This court must ensure that such actions never repeat it self,” Kubo explained.

Joseph Mottl, David Moore’s attorney said he thinks the sentences handed down by Kubo were appropriate.

“I’m happy with the result. It’s a sad situation. These are good people, but I understand the decision and I’m not unhappy with the verdict,” Mottl said.

Mottl is unsure whether Moore will file an appeal.

Suzy Tam, the communications manager for the Hawaiian Humane Society said they are pleased to see the Moore’s will be going to jail for their crimes.

“We’re happy to know that this case of animal cruelty was recognized for its seriousness and he did get some jail time, which shows that we are beginning to realize, in this community, that animal cruelty is a significant, serious crime to animals that have no voice,” Tam said.

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