HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hundreds of red light citations have been sent out on Oahu in just under two months.

The Department of Transportation said 416 vehicles were photographed since the State started using cameras to catch red-light runners in November 2022.

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Three sites for red light cameras are actively issuing citations along Vineyard Boulevard at Palama and Liliha streets as well as Nuuanu Avenue. The next site to issue violations will be Pali Highway and Vineyard Boulevard at the end of January.

“Those violations get sent to a processing center and they’re reviewed by at least two people before they are sent to the police department for additional review,” said Shelly Kunishige, Department of Transportation communications manager, “and then once the police department signs off, then the citations are mailed out, so that would all occur within 10 days of the violation.”

A Honolulu police spokesperson said their end of the program is going smoothly — Kunishige added notices that are postmarked more than 10 days after the alleged violation will not be valid.

The Department of Transportation said traffic infractions from the red light cameras can be contested through a written dispute or a request for a court hearing.

“There are the criteria wherein that violation would be rescinded,” Kunishige said.

The Transportation Department said one of the following points has to be proven by the vehicle owner in question for the dispute to be valid:

  • Not the registered owner of the photographed vehicle
  • Yielded to an emergency vehicle
  • Part of police-escorted funeral procession
  • Vehicle or license plates were stolen
  • Passed through the red at the direction of a law enforcement officer

Information on the citation can be entered into an online portal to review the case. Click here for a full list of active and upcoming red light camera sites.

“It would take pictures, it would take that little video clip and all of that would be available for review if get a citation,” Kunishige said. “So, hopefully as the program continues, we see a reduction in the number of citations going out per month.”

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Fines for violators can run up to $200 depending on the severity.