HONOLULU (KHON2) — In the face of the tragic ambulance fire that killed a 91-year-old man and left a 36-year-old EMS paramedic in critical condition Wednesday night, officials are grateful to those who have reached out to offer support.

American Medical Response Regional Director Speedy Bailey said it’s something no one saw coming.

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“I have not seen, in my 45 years, an incident like last night,” Bailey explained. “This triggers a reaction across everybody in EMS.”

AMR is operating additional units to help cover emergencies.

Bailey said calls have been pouring in from first responders wanting to help.

Honolulu Emergency Medical Response Director, Dr. Jim Ireland, said he’s grateful to all the agencies and everyone who’s reached out

“One of the battalion chiefs from the Big Island came by today and it was really more just offering their peer support anything they can do to help, lend a hand for us just like we would do with them if they suffered a tragedy like this,” Ireland explained. “And it’s more just a small community, we’re not a big state, and we lean on each other in trying times.”

In a statement, the President of Adventist Health Castle, Ryan Ashlock, said, “It is a devastating day for our Adventist Health Castle family. We extend our deepest sympathies to the patient’s loved ones during this difficult time.”

Ashlock continued, “we are keeping the injured paramedic, a beloved member of our close-knit medical and emergency services community, in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful to our ED and security staff for their efforts last night to keep our patients and employees safe.”

The Adventist Health emergency department team treated the injured paramedic before he was transferred to Straub Medical Center.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

“We all are very curious to understand what happened,” Bailey said. “I think there’s valuable learning in an incident like this, that we will be able to use going forward to working in part of our safety culture, in preventing future incidences.”

According to Bailey, AMR and EMS are bound by the same rules, guidelines and license requirements. Safety is paramount. They have regular safety meetings and everything is checked before and after each call.

“Whatever you need to do to maintain that state of readiness,” Bailey explained.

Even with stringent preventative measures, Bailey said an accident like this highlights the dangers they face providing critical services to the community.

The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division, assure employees are provided safe working conditions.

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A HIOSH spokesperson confirmed it has jurisdiction and has opened an investigation.